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Beechcraft Bonanza for Sale


STC'd IO 550 by Firewall Forward, 400 SMOH
balanced injectors
RAM "Quick Thrust" Cam
factory new cylinders
Shadin Miniflow fuel management
6 cylinder EGT
Independently timed magnetos

Performance Modifications:
Smith Speed Kit w/Ram Aire cowl
Hartzell Scimitar prop 400 SNEW
D'Shannon Vortex Generators, 100 pound gross weight increase
Osborne Tip Tanks, electric feed, 250 pound gross weight increase

Instrument Additions:
dual vacuum pumps
all-electric backup Autopilot (wing leveler)
NSD 360 HS1
WX 8 Stormscope
thrust meter
lift reserve indicator

Comfort Additions:
yaw dampener
super soundproofing
pneumatic door seal (non-electric)
exhaust hush kit

1976 A36 330 hp. Ram IO-550, Smith speed kit.



Ultimate performance. Rare combination of 330 hp "ram cam" IO-550, Smith Speed kit give max cruise of 180 kts plus. VGs, flowed cylinders, Hartzell scimitar prop, matched injectors, offset mag timing, Osborne tips add "Lean of peak" range over 1500 miles and a useful load over 1500 lb. Wing spar carry-through and rudder ADs done.

With its reputation of ruggedness and reliability, the A-36 was selected 14 years ago for $100,000 of modifications for non-stop service between Boston and Jackson, Ms. Besides the saved hour-plus in flight time, the increased range and service ceiling coupled with decreased approach and landing speeds substantially reduced delays due to precautionary fuel stops, missed approaches in Dixie fog or icing over the Alleghenies.

Passengers enjoy $40,000 worth of comfort improvements, including a new leather interior, an extended baggage bay, yaw damper, super soundproofing, quiet exhaust tips, and an inflatable door seal. Earthling complaints from late night or dawn operations are hushed by the Scimitar prop and exhaust tips.

A WX-8 Stormscope finds embedded thunderstorms for easy avoidance. A Huntington Lift Reserve Indicator coupled with the VGs and an Aerothrust propeller thrust gauge facilitates access to sub 1000 foot private strips. The Century IV autopilot backed up by an all electric wing leveler and twin vacuum pumps give bulletproof IFR systems reliability. 

Engine instrumentation includes a Shadin Miniflo interfaced to an Apollo loran, for tracking fuel reserves, and the thrust gauge gives early warning of prop ice or engine problems. Individual cylinder EGTs give accurate lean of peak mixture adjustment and pinpoint any plug or injector problems for rapid troubleshooting.

A concern about avionics theft and newer units' cost/benefit has resulted in minimal panel changes. The reliable KX-170Bs, and KN-74 RNAV have been augmented with an NSD 360 HSI and WX-8 Stormscope.

Delivery to your home base in North America is included. Located at Norwood, Ma (OWD) 617 680 8181 Ted Robinson.

Appraisal Based On 2nd January Trade-A-Plane A36 Ads

Generally Accepted Adjustments of Value:

AGE: Add $7000 value per each model year later.

ENGINE: $8000 for STC'd IO-550 vs. stock IO-520.

AVIONICS: Credited at one third of cost (one half if recent).

AIRFRAME MODS: Credited at one third of cost.

P & I: Paint and interior credited at $5000 each less $1000 per year old.

POWERPLANT: P time credited at $10000 less $10 per hour SMOH.

TOTAL TIME: TT is credited at $13500 less $3 per hour.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 3.55.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 3.56.39 PM.png

Calculation of Fair Asking Price For Subject:

Subject is 1.5 years older than the average           -$10000

Subject has STC'd IO-550 engine                          +$4000

Subject has older avionics than the average         -$6000

Air frame mods appraised at $15000                     +$11000

Subject has new P & I                                              +$6000

Subject has low engine time                                   +$3000

Subject has hight total time                                     -$12000




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