Across America at 14,000 Feet 

A mesa on the eastern side of Salida, Colorado, on the Arkansas River.

This desolate area is actually known as South Park.

This deserted 7000 foot airstrip is longer than many international airports. At its altitude of 7,500 feet, a Learjet uses less runway than my Bonanza.

A view of the Utah countryside.

Another view of the Utah countryside.

Pyramid Lake on the California-Nevada border. Dust floating on the water driven by a southwest wind is responsible for the cloud-like vortex pattern.

Willow Lake, surrounded by several 14,000 footers of the Sangre De Christo Mountains.

After clearing Music Pass, one reaches the Great Sand Dunes (out of the picture to the right) on the western side of the Sangres.

Crestone, Colorado the western home of numerous Eastern religions, in the San Luis valley.

Chicago, from the south, showing the Loop, Sears Tower and Meigs' Field when it was still an airport.

Rocky Flats, Colorado, with its nuclear waste ponds surrounded by a fat wall with guard towers cleverly positioned for an uninterrupted line of fire.

Morrison, Colorado, showing the famous Dakota Hogback formation known as Dinosaur Ridge. The mountains begin here.

Lower Manhattan, as seen from the Hudson River Corridor, a free flight zone under the approaches to Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports.

The Jersey Shore, where the most densely populated state meets the Atlantic.

Rodanthe, an Atlantic surfer's and fisherman's paradise on the Outer Banks of North Carolina 50 miles south of Kitty Hawk.

White Sound, home of the Abaco Inn and a secret surfing and fishing spot on Elbow Key, Bahamas.

Gregorytown, another Bahamian surfers' Mecca, had fallen on hard times after the drug operation at Norman's Key was stopped.

Chicago, with ice on Lake Michigan just after sunrise.

Fire Island, a car-free resort off the coast of New York.

Old Harbor, the hub of Block Island, as seen on takeoff from the island's strip.

The smallest town in the smallest state, Block Island, Rhode Island. Noted for its large sharks and excellent big wave surfing during hurricane season.